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Founded back in 1963 initially Shulong was a livestock agribusiness company, Shulong focused on export to Japan. However, due to Taiwan becoming a World Trade Organization member around 1995 as well as foot-and-mouth outbreak during 1997, pork export business became increasingly hard.  After much thoughtful deliberation as well as careful market trend assessment, in 1997 Shulong decided to transform into an agricultural company focusing on cultivation of commercial Phalaenopsis orchids.  As a company that export 100% of its Phalaenopsis orchids, Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery initially exported large white Phalenopsis orchids – a Japanese favorite, to Japan, and was able to meet the rigorous quality standards set forth by the Japanese customers. 

After 22 years of continuous improvement as well as technical and hardware refinement, Shulong’s greenhouse scale grew from 20,000 square meters to 78,000 square meters as of 2019.  In supplying vast, customized varieties of quality plants to our dear customers, we exported Taiwan Phalaenopsis orchids to over 41 nations worldwide.  As one of the top 3 orchid exporters here in Taiwan, Shulong /Taiwan Orchid Nursery has been a proud recipient of the prestigious ‘Million Orchid Nursery’ award year after year (award presented by Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture annually) since 2011. 

Why Shulong?

Here at Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery, we set forth high standards when it comes to greenhouse wellness as well as plant cultivation.  With that in mind, we invest heavily in constructing top-notch controlled environment for orchid growth, thereby enabling cultivation of high-quality flowering plants.  Not only that, in an effort to become more eco-friendly as well as minimize corporate carbon footprint, for our greenhouses we utilize green energy as power source for our heat-pump system.  In addition, Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery also possess the following advantages:

1.  Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery’s greenhouses garnered approval  and are certified by government authorities from the United States, Australia, Canada, as well as South Korea.  This serves as a testament that our greenhouses and our management meet requirements from major developed countries, thereby provide our products with further quality assurance toward our dear customers all over the world.

2.  Each Shulong greenhouse is equipped with automated temperature-control and automated watering system, as well as heat pump system to ensure constant temperature within greenhouse throughout the years.  Despite its higher costs, installation of these systems contributes toward minimizing labor involvement as well as maximizing energy efficiency. 

3.  To ensure that greenhouse conditions can be monitored at all times, Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery also implemented remote temperature monitoring and controlling devices so that real-time greenhouse metrics can be accessed via smart phones.

4.  Well versed and experienced in phytosanitary matters, for each and every export shipment Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery conducts virus test/screening to ensure 100% virus-free export shipments.  As of 2019, Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery products have successfully reached key markets worldwide, including North America, Central America, South-East Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania, as well as Africa.

5.  In an effort to ensure the health/wellness of plants grown in our greenhouses, Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery also contracts renowned scholars who are experts in the field of pest-control as consultants.

6.  Blending new, innovative managerial ideas with over 22 years of Phalaenopsis orchid cultivation experience and spanning three generations, the entire Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery team strives to provide our dear customers with quality products as well as quality service throughout.

Leading Quality and Diverse Variety Provider

To meet all kinds of customer demands, Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery provides a vast array of Phalaenopsis orchids for customers to choose from.  Available in any flower size (large flower size varieties, medium flower size varieties, small flower size varieties,miniature varieties, as well as big lip varieties), wonderful and diverse flower colors (white flower varieties, red flower varieties, pink flower varieties, yellow flower varieties,purple flower varieties, spotted varieties, stripped varieties, fragrant varieties, etc.), and various plant sizes (15 cm/6 “ cascades, 12 cm/5”, 9 cm/4”, 9 cm/3”, as well as 6 cm/2’’), at any given time Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery has over 500 different varieties to cater to customers throughout the world.  Not only that, we also utilize latest molecular technology to test, select, develop, and bring about new varieties to the market every year. 

Just as Phalaenopsis Orchids very well may be Taiwan’s most fabulous gift to the whole world, every single Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery plant is a culmination of years of hard work and dedication.  As Shulong/Taiwan Orchid Nursery continues to advance towards the future, we strive to spread the beauty of Taiwan Phalaenopsis Orchid to everyone appreciative of its elegance, to every corner of the world!