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Many insects live on the plants, in spots, or areas around plants. They do not cause harm to orchids directly, but they like to feed on the humus inside the pots:

Flies: A large number of them emerge from the earth and fly around the plants. They do not cause any substantial damage, but they ruin the beauty.


Collembola: They, in large numbers, tend to inhabit in pots and are not easily found. When watering, small and black fleas flow out along with the water.


Ants: They often coexist with powder scale insects. In addition to protecting these insects that secrete honeydew, ants often carry them, allowing them to migrate from one plant to another, increasing the rate of diffusion. Some ants like the rich, juicy succulent flower sheath of Cattleya. They gather to bite the skin of the flower sheath and suck the oozing juice from it.


Spiders: They spin and knot between plants, though cleared daily, the great numbers of the webs make the nursery look filthy.